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'The Vicar of Dibley'   

           The Vicar of Dibley   

Final Chapter ........and Verse

Wed 18th - Sat 21st October 2017

South Holland Centre, Spalding

Act II and

A Handful of Harmonies supported our show by singing before and during the interval.  For more information on these groups, please click below.

Directed by Rob Nicholls
Written by
Patsy Figg & 
Sophie Honeybun
Geraldine Granger
David Horton
Frank Pickle    
Jim Trott    
Alice Tinker   
Hugo Horton    
Owen Newitt   
Mrs Cropley  

Alison Honeybun

Nick Fletcher
Jed Laxton
Nigel Hancocks
Amber Sinclair
Andrew Rudd
Michael Barron
Anne Temple
Ish Kamran
Natalie Mills
Colette Buchanan-Grey
Stage Manager   
Deputy S.M.   
Lighting Operator
Backstage Crew     
Set Design
Set Construction  
Costumes / Props
Poster Graphic Work
Rehearsal Swings
Make Up, hair & wigs

Rob Nicholls

Patsy Figg and Sophie Butler-Honeybun


Arline Evenden

Heather Dickinson

Tom Chamberlain

Janet Staples
Gill Adlard
Stephen Jackson
Jules Jones
Patsy Figg
Rob Nicholls
Arline Evenden
Janet staples
Steve Underwood
Jules Jones
Patsy Figg
Anne Temple
Nigel Hancock
Hannah Pilkington
Colette Buchanan-Grey
Kevin Sharp
Barry Drew
Jules Jones
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