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'Disposing of the Body'    

Directed by
Sophie Butler - Honeybun
Produced by Alison Honeybun

Rob Nicholls

Emma Dobbs
Sam Hunt
Joe Dickinson
Troy Melvin
Mike Barron
Fiona Parish
Callum Pepper
Angela Davis
Bar Tender

Arline Evenden

Heather Dickinson
Tom Chamberlain


Arline Evenden

Heather Dickinson
Steve Underwood
Janet Staples
Gill Adlard
Jules Jones
Jodine Goodliffe
Rob Nicholls
Angela Davis
Richard Evenden
Penny Medlock
Lucy Evenden
Stage Manager  
Deputy S.M.   
Sound / Lighting   
Stage crew, set construction,
wardrobe & props

'Behind Closed Doors'

Wed 18th - Sat 21st March 2015

South Holland Centre, Spalding

Note from the Playwright ...


“Behind Closed Doors” is a term we hear often in the comings and goings of life,  sometimes it’s good sometimes it isn’t. There is nothing funny about domestic  abuse, but when I wrote this play I thought no one wants to go to the theatre and  feel totally demoralised so I included what I hope is an awful lot of humour. As a  survivor of abuse I didn’t try to trivialise the totally helplessness of someone in  what can be only described as a tragic situation. It doesn’t always have to be  physical abuse; mental abuse can be as equally soul destroying. It isn’t easy to    escape from these situations and often I find myself smiling when I hear people  say “he would only do that to me once” you have to walk a mile in someone  else’s shoes before you have the right to say those words. I wish the cast all the  luck in the world with this production, it isn’t   an easy play to balance out with the  right amount of pathos and comedy but I’m sure you will do me proud. Thank you for taking on a play that a lot of companies would shy away from.


Kindest regards to you all


Janet Shaw


... outstanding

              production  ...

Still photography by Martin Tyrrell


East Midlands

Best Drama


Note from the Director ...


Having done my ‘Fair Share’ of performing on the stage throughout my school life, my first year of university, and attending Stage Coach Drama Academy in my younger years; theatre has always been a big part of my life. Sadly I gave it up 3 years ago to focus on my degree. I went to Aberystwyth University to study Drama and English, but didn’t enjoy the drama aspect of the course, so I changed course and gained a degree in English Literature. I love the written word in all its different genres. I often thought I would never return to the boards!  But thanks to St Nicolas Players, I have been able to get back into performing , both on stage and now, behind it!  


My  personal taste in theatre is slightly different to the masses!  I very much enjoy the darker side of the Art, and the different techniques one can use to create a performance,  which is why I took a shine to ‘Behind Closed Doors’.  Not only is this play personal to me, but very different from an everyday performances seen on the South Holland Centre Stage.


I personally want to thank everyone who has taken part in this ‘project’ , both on and behind stage....for making it happen!  The support that I have received in getting this play to  the stage,  and the constant stream of positivity from everyone involved  has been amazing! It’s been an absolute pleasure guys!


Thank You All!


Sophie Butler-Honeybun


Women’s Aid South Holland (WASH) provides outreach and drop in services in South Holland. These services are for male and female victims of domestic abuse, who need a non judgemental. confidential service or perhaps just a ‘listening ear’. In the UK 2 women are killed each week and one in four people will at some time be affected by domestic abuse.


On average, a victim will suffer thirty incidents of abuse before disclosing to the police or specialist domestic abuse services.


Domestic abuse has a devastating impact on children and young people which can last into adulthood.


We are delighted that this play, ‘Behind Closed doors’ will give the people of South Holland a chance to see and understand in the safe environment of the Centre, the terrible effect domestic abuse has. Domestic abuse is still a taboo subject. This drama will help to raise awareness.   We wish the cast the very best of luck. 


We are proud to be the chosen specialist domestic abuse service associated with this production. 

Lynn Mitchell, BWA Manager


WASH Spalding 01775 720400    WASH Holbeach 01406 493222






Domestic abuse can and does have a serious and lasting impact on victims and their families.  It can happen to anyone and doesn't have to include any physical violence.  The emotional abuse often has a much more devastating impact on a person.


We know that domestic abuse is still hidden behind closed doors and I am delighted that St. Nicolas Players have chosen to bring this issue out into the open.


Survivors often talk about shame and embarrassment, the fear of not being believed and not    knowing where to turn.  Lincolnshire County Council, along with other agencies, is determined to say No to this horrendous crime by supporting victims to get help and encouraging perpetrators to take responsibility for their behaviour.  Victims have nothing to be ashamed of and they will be believed and supported by agencies and the specialist domestic abuse services in Lincolnshire. 


With the help that is available in Lincolnshire 'doors will open'.


Visit the Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse website for more information:


I wish St. Nicolas Players all the best for this and future productions.


Karen Shooter

County Domestic Abuse Manager


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