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'Disposing of the Body'    

'Blackadder Goes Forth'

Wed 19th - Sat 22nd October 2016

South Holland Centre, Spalding

... poignant

            and moving ...

Note from the Director ...


Dear diary this will be my last entry before we get ready to go over the top. Our journey started just over four months ago and it has be one full of ups and downs. We’ve had some laughs and we’ve been though some bad times together but on the whole the men have been working really hard to get ready for our final battle.

Every battle is a supreme team effort and this one is no different. It’s been a complex battle to plan and stage given the number of set areas and the number of props required. We have been fortunate to recruit some of the best soldiers in the battlefield, from the trench builders to those who keep us clothed and to those who can find us equipment to stop us going insane on the cold front line. I especially want to mention to my right hand man Alison Honeybun because, if it wasn't for her, my plan would not have been followed through to the letter.

I have now put in place my final piece of the plan – spies. I've recruited a number of spies to go to the front line and keep an eye on Blackadder and his men. There are whispers going around the trenches that Captain Blackadder and his men are looking for ways to avoid going over the top and the last thing I need are deserters.

Good luck everyone and I hope I see you all in Berlin for tea and cake.


Rob Nicholls


Directed by Rob Nicholls
Produced by Alison Honeybun

Michael Barron

Adam Pateman
Nigel Hancocks
Nick Fletcher
Joe Dickinson
Troy Melvin
Sophie Butler-  Honeybun
Sophie Butler-      Honeybun
Jessie Honeybun
Joe Smith
Harry Smith

Arline Evenden

Callum Pepper
Tom Chamberlain

Jules Jones

Arline Evenden

Steve Underwood

Heather Dickinson
Sophie Butler-  Honeybun
Janet Staples
Gill Adlard
Jed Laxton
Anj Melvin
Stage Manager  
Deputy S.M.   
Sound / Lighting   
Set Construction
Poster Design
Stage Crew
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