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'The Vicar of Dibley'   

The Haunting Of Hill House

16th to 19th October 2019
South Holland Centre Spalding

Hill House has a troubled the Crain family, owning it brought madness, suicide and death. Is it possible that a house itself is evil? Professor Montague and his three assistants are determined to find out, by staying at Hill House and recording any occurrences. Will their very presence goad the forces within its walls? Are they all in mortal danger?


A pre-Hallowe’en fright-fest from the people who brought you ‘Brassed Off” and “Darling Buds Of May”.

Dr Montague - Adam Patman

Mrs Montague - Amber Sinclair

Eleanor Vance - Colleen Brennan

Theodora -  Sophie Honeybun

Luke -   Dan Zampoli

Arthur Parker - Norman Parish

Mrs Dudley -  Emma Dobbs


Set Build

Arline Evenden and Steve Underwood 

Nick Fletcher and Janet Staples

Production Assistant

Patsy Figg and Kelly Greengrass-Smith

Stage Manager - Arline Evenden

DSM - Heather Dickinson

Lights and Sound -

Bev Paskell

Joe Dickinson

Jules Jones

Visual Effects

'Scottie' Paul Scott - Def Dog Productions


Jed Laxton

Janet Staples

Andy Nicolson

Gill Adlard

Steve Underwood

Nick Fletcher

Kelly Greengrass-Smith

Patsy Figg

Directed by Martin Tyrrell
Co-Director - Joe Dickinson
Producer - Alison Honeybun
Written by
F Andrew Leslie 
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