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'A Vicar of Dibley Christmas'

Wed 22nd - Sat 25th Oct 2014

South Holland Centre, Spalding

... a comedy

           masterclass ...

A behind the scenes look at rehearsals & set building

Christmas comes but once a year, in Dibley it comes early
And we'll be having so much fun midst the hurley burley.
You might have seen us last year at the South Holland Centre
When Alice married Hugo - now that was a great adventure.

To perform "The Second Coming" the title of our play 
The characters from Dibley into a field will stray
With Hugo and Alice excited about playing Joseph and Mary
While David Horton plays Herod - it really could get scary.

Jim Trott, Frank and Owen the wisest men of all
Play both kings and shepherds, oh boy, they have a ball.
Poor Geraldine the vicar, though her patience stayed intact
She sometimes was frustrated while teaching them to act.

From Wednesday October 22nd through to Saturday
Four performances only what more can we say?
If you didn't see us last year you missed out on a treat 
So book your tickets early, to make sure you get a seat.


by Anne Temple, 2014

Note from the Director ...


So it's finally here!! After months of planning and rehearsals we've finally got 'Dibley\ to it's final destination - The South Holland Centre. I must say I'm very pleased we got seven out of the eight actors back to rekindle their roles. So if you came and watched last years production you will be seeing some very familiar faces. Unfortunatly we did lose one of the original cast - Kieran Whatson, who played Owen last year, has gone off to university and we would like to thank him for all his hard work on last years show and wish him all the best for his uni life.


The beauty of doing a second part of an adapted sitcom on stage is that it doesn't matter if you haven't seen part one, it's like a new episode. This play primarilly focuses on series 3 and the Christmas special. Although we had some great feedback on last years show, it did not mean that we could rest on our laurels, because every show has it's challenges, and this one is no different. The cast had to spend longer developing their characters, because by the time 'Dibley' reaches series 3 they had evolved.


I would like to thank everyone who worked on this show from the set builder to the costume and props team. To all the backstage team, I thank them from the bottom of my heart, because without them the show simply wouldn't happen. There is one person I cannot forget and  that is my wonderful producer Heather Dickinson. Whilst I get the job of putting my vision on stage, it's Heathers job to liase with everyone and work on all the behind the scene stuff that nobody ever sees - we make a great team!


I have one more thank you to make and that's to you the audience, because if it wasn't for you supporting St Nicolas Players we simply could not put these shows on for your entertainment. So sit back and relax as we bring you Christmas two months early ...


             Rob Nicholls


The weekly Director's Blog ...

This is it, my final blog. After months of planning, we are finally in the South Holland Centre and are now just three nights shy of our opening night. Overall I'm so pleased with how the build up has gone. From the actors to the set builders, the costume & props crew to the backstage team and, of course, the publicity crew, this show has been a real team effort. What I really love is it feels like we are one big family. If anyone has any problems they can go to any member of the team and they will always help.

20 October 2014

The final show blog

Directed  by Rob Nicholls 
Produced by Heather Dickinson
Geraldine Granger
David Horton
Frank Pickle    
Jim Trott    
Alice Tinker   
Hugo Horton    
Owen Newitt   
Mrs Cropley   

Alison Honeybun

Nick Fletcher
Jed Laxton
Nigel Hancocks
Amber Sinclair
Simon Temple
Mike Barron
Anne Temple
George Ogden
Joe Smith
Harry Smith
Stage Manager  
Deputy S.M.   
Sound / Lighting   
Stage Crew
Set Construction
Props & Costume

Arline Evenden

Heather Dickinson
Tom Chamberlain
Steve Underwood
Janet Staples
Emma Beavis
Gill Adlard
Jules Jones
Sophie Butler -
Jodine Goodliffe
Stephen Jackson
Callum Pepper
Steve Underwood
Emma Beavis
Jules Jones
Sophie Butler - 
Nigel Hancocks
Dibley limericks

David Horton a councillor in Dibley

Had trouble with lots of graffiti

They called him a Pratt

He didn't like that

He really thought it quite beastly.


Geraldine Granger our Vicar

Sits at her desk in a chair made of wicker

Processing her thoughts

She thinks of all sorts

Especially that bar called a "Snicker".


Hugo Horton is David's heir

Of his new wife he's taking great care

He married Alice the verger

They made a good merger

She gave birth to their own little heir.


Anne Temple 2014 

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poetry & limericks all about the inhabitants of Dibley here
Meet Dibley's Parish Council
Find out a bit more about the quirkly, loveable members of the Dibley Parish council.  Written and performed by the St Nics cast.
Geraldine Granger
Alice Tinker
Owen Newitt
Hugo Horton
Frank Pickle
Jim Trott
Mrs Cropley
David Horton
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