Annual General Meeting 2020


St Nicolas Players

AGM 7th December 



Welcome 7pm

Participants Present


Minutes from Previous

AGM April 2019

Matters Arising


Vice President Report

Chairman Report

Treasurer Report


Election of Officers


Election of Trustees
This first year as a charity all members of the Management Committee, that is the trustees, are required to stand down. In future years only 4 members will stand down in rotation.
Under the Constitution, there are 12 Trustees on the Committee. Although we are one short at the moment following the death of George Ogden.

All the Trustees are willing to stand again with the exception of Alison Honeybun, who wishes to stand down due to health reasons.

We invite you to make additional nominations for the Management Committee.  Please nominate individuals for office or general member positions.  If you would like to nominate the Management Committee to continue in their position, please nominate them en bloc.  If you would like to be considered for election, please nominate yourself.  Unlike at a normal AGM it will not be possible to chat to others to make your thoughts known so you need to nominate before 16th November.

Nominations should be made by         
email –
On facebook
Telephone 07722 305005

If we have more nominations than posts available, we will initiate a vote.  Please remember only members can vote.  To join as a member please check out our website

Nominations in by 16th November
Voting (if required) 17th Nov to 6th Dec