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'Disposing of the Body'    

'Music Hall: Out for the Day'

Sat 18th - Sun 19th June 2016

WI Hall, Holbeach

Directed  & Produced by 
Anne Temple & Jules Jones
The Gentlemen  
Jed Laxton

John Temple

Nigel Hancocks





The Ladies   

Alison Honeybun

Amber Sinclair

Anne Temple

Gill Adlard
Izzy Ashby
Jane Fulford
Janet Staples
Jacqueline Kemp
Joanna Hobbs
Jules Jones
Matilda Hoyles -                       Simpson
The Chairman


The Pianist



Peter Breach


Liz Mackay


Front of house & supporting 

Mandie Collier

Collette Coleman

Heather Dickinson

Arline Evenden

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