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October  19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd October 2022

A Tomb With A View
By Norman Robbins

Tuesday 19th
Thursday 21st July 2022

 The Characters in A Tomb with a view each have their own comedic value – however what is important is the relationships they demonstrate with one and other.  Below is a “snapshot” of each character, but don’t be put off by age or description a t this point …

HAMILTON PENWORTHY - 70s. Old Family Solicitor.  Hamilton is every inch the family solicitor that he is.  Scheming. 

LUCIEN TOMB - 50s Oldest Sibling of the Tomb family. Pompous, Petulant, impatient, Self righteous.  A “scientist “of sorts.  Silver spoon in his mouth … 

DORA TOMB - 49 looks 60.  “Green” fingered … not so sure if the green is actually the poison from her concoctions … 

EMILY TOMB - mid 40s. is an androgynous, sharp-tongued and rude woman, who is there to ensure she gets what she wants from the will.  Ruthless perhaps? Always chewing an apple ... and could be mistaken as a wrestler … 

MARCUS TOMB - mid 40s.  Thinks he is Caesar.  Really. ANNE FRANKLIN - mid 20s.   The Family Nurse.  Cunning and able to keep the family sedated when needed!  What you see is NOT what you get with Anne

AGATHA HAMMOND - mid 60s.  The Housekeeper for the Tombs and able to keep everyone under control as Housekeepers do … Knows every foible of the Tombs …

FREDA MOUNTJOY - 40 – 50. Smart, pretty, can get what she wants … she is the author of books … or is she … 

PEREGRINE POTTER - mid 30s Nervous, awkward, not great in social situations, a writer perchance … 

MONICA TOMB - mid 30s.  A man eater ... Knows how to get what she wants …


Director - Glen Barker

Producer - David Whipps













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SM – Arline Evenden


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