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South Holland Centre Spalding
October  19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd October 2022

A Tomb With A View
By Norman Robbins

A Tomb With A View By Norman Robbins

A Tomb With A View is set in as sinister an old library as one is likely to come across presided over by a portrait of a grim faced, mad eyed old man. There, a dusty, lawyer reads a will to an equally sinister family, one member of which has were wolf tendencies, another wanders around in a toga of Julius Caesar and a third member is a gentle old lady who plants more than seeds in her flower beds. A comedy whodunnit, where you can never be sure who will be bumped off next and what about the sympathetic nurse and the author of romantic novels, are they all they seem to be? All is revealed as the hilarious plot, twists and turns to its surprising conclusion.

Director - Glen Barker

Producer - David Whipps


Agatha - Beverly Moore

Anne - Jules Jones

Dora - Mandie Collier

Emily - Joanna Hobbs

Freda - Lauren Bullock

Lucian - Adam Pateman

Marcus - Ed Harriss

Monica - Emma Dobbs

Penworthy - Nick  Fletcher

Perry - Joe Dickinson


DSM Emma Swords

SM – Arline Evenden


Lighting Control - Sophie Gale

Backstage Crew - David Whipps, Grace Rayner, Kelly Taylor, Nigel Hancocks & Janet Staples

Costume - Janet Staples

Stage props - Arline Evenden, Janet Staples, David Whipps

Props  David Whipps

Front Of House - Nigel Hancocks and Janet Staples.

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