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The Vigil

Ladislas Fodor

April 15th to 17th 2019
Gosberton St Peters & St Pauls Church Holbeach 15th April
Holbeach All Saints Church 1th April 2019
Spalding St Mary &  St Nicolas Church 17th April 2019

This amazing play will be staged in three churches; Gosberton St. Peters and St. Pauls, Holbeach All Saints and St Mary & St Nicolas Church in Spalding at the beginning of Holy Week leading up to Easter.

The Head Gardener of the Garden of Gethsemane is on trial for his life. He is accused of stealing the body of the crucified Christ and claiming he has risen. The Romans are determined that he will be found guilty, and the Christian rebellion will be snuffed out! 

The principal tenet of the Christian faith is in the dock - who will be victorious? With a large cast of Biblical figures appearing both for the prosecution and the defence, the climax is a dramatic showdown in court between the two opposing factions...with the audience acting as the jury!

The cast is a mix of Christians and agnostics, and is drawn, both from our members, and from the church congregations, some of which have had no acting experience.

Directed by Martin Tyrrell
Written by  Ladislas Fodor 

Mrs Harris – the charwoman  - Iris Bennett

The Night Watchman  - Jed Laxton

The Judge – Paul Coleman

The Prosecutor – Amber Sinclair

Clerk - Kelly Greengrass-Smith

The Defense Counsel – Arline Evenden

Clerk - Louise Hallian

The Clerk of the Court – Iris Bennett

The Gardener (the defendant) – Troy Melvin

The Guard – Geoff Roberts

Esther – a country girl – Jules Jones
Lucius – a soldier – Jonathan Cooper
Mr Pinchas – a shopkeeper – Jed Laxton
Joseph – a wealthy lawyer – Martin Tyrrell

Lady Procula – the Governor’s wife – Patsy Figg
Pontius Pilate – the Governor – Dan Zampoli
Saul – a deputy – Trevor Cummings
Beulah – a barmaid – Emma Dobbs
Sadoc – a private detective – Nigel Hancocks
Susannea – a housewife – Kim Biggs
Thaddeus – a professor – Nick Fletcher
Magdalen – a convert – Jessica Anne
Peter – a fisherman - Jeff Woods

Arine Evenden
Steve Underwood
Bev Paskell
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