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'The Vicar of Dibley'   

Brassed Off

By Paul Allen

Adapted from the screenplay by Mark Herman

17th to 20th October 2018
South Holland Centre

Director - Martin Tyrrell

Assistant Director - Alison Honeybun

Producors - Patsy Figg & Jules Jones

Danny - Martin Tyrrell
Phil - Rob Nicholls
Sandra - Emma Dobbs
Jim - Nick Fletcher
Vera - Colette
Harry - Paul Coleman
Rita - Linda Smith
Andy - Joe Dickinson
Gloria - Dominique Spinks
Shane - Joe Smith
Melody - Zoe Fell
Kylie - Kitty Lane
Bailiffs - Matt Heaton,
Jed Laxton
Nurses - Gill Adlard ,
Janet Staples 
Miners and Activists -
Members of St Nicolas Players 

Stage Manager - Arline Evenden​
DSM - Heather Dickinson
Lights & Sound -
                          Tom Chamberlain
Props - Nigel Hancocks,
Patsy Figg, Alison Honeybun,
Colette Buchanan-Gray
Costume - Patsy Figg &
Alison Honeybun
Hair & Makeup - Jules Jones
Backstage - Steve Underwood, Janet Staples, Gill Adlard,
Jed Laxton, Nigel Hancocks,
Andy Nicholson, Mark Bennett.
Set Construction -
Arline Evenden, Janet Staples
Steve Underwood, 
Richard Evenden, 
Promotion and Advertising -       Jules Jones & Hannah Pilkington

Grimley Colliery is set to close as the accountants say there's more money in it shut than open, even after redundancy payments. It means 1200 job losses, a dying town and the loss of its brass band. But under the leadership of Danny, coughing with coal-dusted lungs, the band is somehow transformed into

British champions with local lass

Gloria whipping up the money

needed to get them to the

Albert Hall.

An Amateur Production with kind permission

from Samuel French UK.

St Nicolas Players last performed this play in 

2006, the director then was Mr Philip Bosworth

who sadly passed away in March this year.

St Nicolas Brass

CORNETS                           HORNS                       FLUGEL HORN

Ian Pryke                             Tony Fell                      Hannah Palmer

Adam Wilson                        Les Hill

Jacqui Templer                     Lynne Crow

Matthew Lewis                     Deborah Simpson

Rick Champion                    Joe Dickinson

Andy Betts                  

Geoff Cooper

Kate Sydney


BARITONE                      EUPHONIUM                     TROMBONE

Martin Oliver                    Issy Thomas                     Simon Templer

                                             Ed Mason


Eb BASS                         Bb BASS                           PERCUSSION

Rick Tawn                       Steph Palmer               Jonathan Cooper

Bev Davey 



Tony Fell / Ed Mason / Chris Brown


Philip Bosworth 1943 – 2018
St Nics first performed Brassed Off in 2006 and at the helm was our great friend Philip Bosworth.  When he died earlier this year he left a huge hole in our society and so we set about honouring him in the only way we know how and decided to bring back one of his favourite plays. Philip had acted, directed and produced plays with St Nics for many years, his passion for the theatre obvious to all that met him or heard him speak (at length) about the subject. Yet he is mostly remembered forhis kindness, compassion and genuine ability to enable the people he worked with, on and off the stage, to flourish.  

He wrote and performed himself but helped others to be the best they could be in their own endeavours.  He loved his family, yet we all felt part of the love he shared so generously. In 1998 he directed the first amateur production in this theatre. Steel Magnolia’s was a huge hit as were other plays he directed including Calendar Girls in 2012, Ladies Day in 2009 & The Graduate in 2008 to name but a few. All, I should say, receiving great reviews. Philip was a man who enjoyed collaborating with other people, young and old.  He ran writing workshops and worked with young people to appreciate Shakespeare or Pantomime or history. Whether directing, acting or leading he used a gentle hand that nurtured those he worked with.   

We are proud to bring live brass band music, which Philip loved, to the South Holland Stage and especially this week as it would have been his birthday. Even though we are left with the unease of plays half written, projects mapped out but not shared or fantastical stories yet unwritten, I know he is in our hearts and minds for this weeks performance of a story about a Yorkshire town and what happens when everyone pulls in the same direction. How, with a bit of support, even hitting rock bottom, you can rise again with the help of family, friends and the community. He would have loved this.  He would have been behind it all the way. He’d still be giving you notes, in his gentle way. I know he is here in spirit.

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