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'Disposing of the Body'    

'Bouncers' & 'Shakers' 

Wed 20th - Sat 23rd October 2010

South Holland Centre, Spalding

... an absolute


Notes from the Directors ...



'Bouncers' is all about life's limitations, and as such is a truly scary play. Set in the 1980's, in a seedy club policed by four Neanderthal doorman before the days of regulation, it could just as well be a commentary on today's youth subculture. Fashions and language may change, the drinks are more expensive now, but attitudes remain fixed. The laughs in the script (and there are many) ring hollow as we hope and pray that in the words Jarvis Cocker's 'Common People'..."you'll never watch your life slide out of view, and dance and drink and screw, because there's nothing else to do".


Directing 'Bouncers' has been a joy, with a cast whose vitality, versatility and exuberance has made rehearsals more of a raucous party than a chore. Despite the limited props, the fabulous four have been able to switch, totally convincingly, from the title characters, to giddy teenage girls, to daft lads out for a laugh. Only Lucky Eric, the veteran bouncer, comes remotely close to articulating the futility of his life and those he meets in the course of his brutal calling. For the rest, it's tiny triumphs, routine disappointment and the certainty that things can NEVER get better.... 


Nick Fletcher




When St Nics asked me to direct John Godber's play I was thrilled. I was familiar with both Bouncers and Shakers from past productions, in other parts of the country, with other companies, so jumped at the chance. I hope that this slightly re-stirred version will suit you, the audience of 2010.


The 1980's hold fond memories for me and reminiscing with the cast and crew has been a huge part of my process. Keeping to the original 1980's setting was something I felt strongly about. It has afforded us the opportunity to include some favourite music and more than a nod to the fashion and hairstyles we remember. The plastic palms, the neon lights, the cocktails, the food - are a distillation of the memories of girl's nights out, lively jobs, whacky boyfriends and first love experiences.


I would like to say a huge thank you to my producer Heather. Her support and friendship have meant so much to me over the past months. I have appreciated the encouragement from Angela, Troy and the rest of St Nics committee who have been constructive and helpful. Thanks also to Arline, Steve and the rest of the set crew who have worked as a huge, well oiled machine, bringing Shakers to life.


The cast have been superb, labouring to bring something unique to Nicki, Adele, Carole and Mel. You will notice that every actress has a part that is both demanding and continuous. An amazing achievement and I really couldn't have asked for more....  


Jules Jones

Directed by Nick Fletcher
Produced by Angela Davis
Lucky Eric  

Tom Millard

Rob Nicholls

Troy Melvin

Rob Callaby
Directed by Jules Jones
Produced by Heather Dickinson

Suzanne Webb

Gemma Page

Jane Webb

Amanda Fisher
Stage Manager  
Deputy S.M.  
Set Construction
& Crew 
Sound & Lights

Arline Evenden

Sarah Ekins
Clare Hearth
Arline Evenden
Steve Underwood
Mick Gray
John Wright
Fiona Gray
Angela Davis
Heather Dickinson Lucy Allen
Philip Bosworth
Steve Underwood
Hannah Gray
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