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Reviews of 'Disposing of the Body'    

Reviews of 'Behind Closed Doors'

Review by Peter Breach, NODA



Playwright Janet Shaw is to be commended for using the medium of a stage play, based on her experience as a survivor, to raise the issue of domestic abuse; her sharp wit and clever use of humour does much to retain the attention of the audience whilst the plot moves towards the mental and physical abuse that features prominently in this play.


St Nicolas Players are to be complimented for being bold enough to choose to perform this challenging work which exposes what can occur when someone becomes a victim of this form of abuse. It focuses on two couples, the working-class Heptinstalls, played by Rob Nicholls and Emma Dobbs, together with their children Sandra, played by Samantha Hunt and Kevin, played by Joe Dickinson, and the affluent Pollocks, played by Michael Barron and Fiona Parish, and son Tarquin, played by Callum Pepper. Portraying the couples as having very different life styles served to convey that domestic abuse is likely to be found in a wide variety of personal relationships.


There were impressive performances from all the principal actors who worked extremely hard on their characterisation. Full use was made of the available stage space to accommodate the superbly designed and constructed sets which well suited the story line and added much realism.


This play is not intended to entertain but it certainly provides enlightenment for those who are unaware of what can and does go on “Behind closed doors”. Congratulations to all concerned in this outstanding production, especially Sophie Butler-Honeybun for her sensitive direction.



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