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'Disposing of the Body'    

'The Likes of Us' 

Wed 21st - Sat 24th October 2009

South Holland Centre, Spalding

... a delightful                      production ...

The Orchestra


Ruth Adams - Keyboard (Synth strings)

Jonathan Aughton - Flute / Piccolo

Anthony Baldery - Piano

Sapheron Bunn - Clarinet

Jack Calderwood - Trombone

Lee Dash - Drum Kit / Percussion

Richard Garbett - Clarinet

Rebecca Hart - Oboe

Roger Loose - Bass Guitar

Zoe Wardell - French Horn

Elaine Wilkins - Trumpet

Victoria Worthington - Bassoon


Note from one of the Directors ...



I suspect that until you saw this show advertised many of you were unaware of it's existence.


However, I am sure that most of you will have heard of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber and are familiar with many songs from their hit musicals. 'The Likes Of Us' was the first product of their partnership and tells the story of Dr. Thomas Barnardo who founded several children's homes and fostering schemes.


Today, Barnardo's operates in different ways but continues working to reduce the impact of poverty on children, young people, families and communities - through social, economic and community action. Part of the proceeds from this show will go towards supporting their work and there will be a retiring collection.


You have had to wait over 40 years to this show. Thank you for your patience, I know you will feel well rewarded. So sit back, relax and enjoy St Nicolas Player's production of 'The Likes Of Us' as we call 'overture and beginners please'.


Peter Breach


Directed by
Peter Breach & Rob Nicholls
Musical Director  Lynne Baker
Produced by 
Jo Dobbs & Heather Dickinson

Beverley Moore

Rebecca Jones

Natalie Stafford

Rob Callaby
Karl Constable
Nick Fletcher
Cockney chorus

Gill Adlard

Lucy Allen

Ellen Baker

Philip Bosworth

Charlotte Brooks

Melissa Brooks

Angie Davis

Elaine Deathridge

Elliott Deathridge

Heather Dickinson

Emma Dobbs

Maisie Dobbs

Lily Dobbs

Arline Evenden

Chloe Goodliffe

Stephanie Goodliffe

Samantha Hunt

Oliver Johnson

Jules Jones

Jacqueline Kemp

Rebecca Lankey

Jed Laxton

Lucy Meadwell

Tom Millard

Adam Mustoe

Gemma Page

Debbie Richards

Emily Rodgers

Lottie Sacks

Janet Staples

Anne Temple

John Temple 

Youth Director
Set Design
Stage Manager
Deputy S.M.
Set Construction
Make Up & Hair
Stage Crew

Karl Gernett

Gemma Page
Ron Nicholls
Angela Davis
Arline Evenden
Claire Hearth
Sarah Ekins
Hannah Gray
Arline Evenden
Mick Gray
Fiona Gray
John Wright
Steve Underwood
Angela Davis
Andrea Webber
Ellie Webber
Heather Dickinson
Andy Donley
Michael Dickinson
Peter Breach
Angela Davis
Heather Dickinson
Wendy Carter
Mick Gray
Fiona Gray
Jo Dobbs
Jodine Goodliffe
Troy Melvin
Kate Sayce
Liz Breach
Julie Mustoe

A Note from the


Musical Director ...



THe Likes of Us is a precursor of the Lloyd Webber / Rice musicals of the '70s, containing, as it does, a wide range of styles or 'pastiche', at which they excelled in their early work. However, it is also very different, being a narrated story rather than an oratorio (Joseph) or rock opera (Jesus Christ Superstar) in genre.


The story opens with a mock-Straussian waltz, movingswiftly on via a rapid patter song to several beautiful ballards, a rousing military march and soft shoe shuffle, to name but a few! The title song is a plangent and poignant lullaby, sung by the children Bernado so desperately wanted to help, and it is reprised with emotional effect at the end of the show.


As always with Llotd Webber the score sparkles with catchy melodies, here colourfully arranged for the orchestra by David Cullen. We hope you will enjoy hearing them as much as we have enjoyed playing them. So listen closely, as very soon they will be going, going, gone ...!


Lynne Baker


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