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Reviews of 'Disposing of the Body'    

Reviews of 'Calendar Girls'

Review by Peter Breech, NODA


The amateur rights for this well-known and much loved play were released from 1st September 2012 for a period of 18 months and as was expected, there were applications from several local amateur dramatic societies. Four different productions have been licensed to take place within a five week period in South Lincolnshire alone. So how did this production by St Nicolas Players measure up? Considering this is not an easy play to stage, they did well.


There were notable performances from Fiona Parish (as Annie) who skilfully managed the mood swings brought about by bereavement and Jules Jones (as Chris), who gave enthusiastic support to her as her long-time close friend. Amy Perkins (as Ruth) showed much sensitivity in the role of a young wife having to come to terms with an errant husband. Maggie Porter (as Lady Cravenshire) appeared very much at ease with her role and gave a strong performance borne out of her considerable experience. There were also excellent contributions from Tom Millard (as Chris’s husband Rod & also as Liam, the advertising promoter) and Paul Gilbert (as Lawrence) the shy and easily embarrassed photographer. Alison Honeybun (as Cora) and Wendy Carter (as Brenda Hulse) both did well on their return to acting roles after long absences from the stage. Other players in this production also made significant contributions.


I did think the first act was somewhat slow in developing but as the time for the photographs to be taken drew near, the pace quickened. The reading of the letters was a most moving scene beautifully complimented with superb lighting but unfortunately the last scene involving the visit to John’s Hill was spoilt by the late appearance of the sunflowers. I would also liked to have seen more use of the stage space with the players coming nearer to the audience. The costumes and the extensive collection of props were well chosen. Overall it was pleasing to see that the script has been successfully adapted and, in my view, improved for the stage.

Spalding Guardian, Thursday 25th October 2012

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