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'Disposing of the Body'    

'Murder in the Cathedral' 

Thur 18th - Sat 20th March 2010

Various churches around Spalding

... powerfully                  staged...

Note from the Director ...



Written for the 1935 Canterbury Festival , Murder In The Cathedral was instantly acclaimed as one of the great plays of the twentieth century. It was also recognised as one of the most difficult because of the poetic nature of the script and political intrigue of spiritual versus temporal struggle. This was highlighted at the time when the rise of fascism and communism once more brought competition between Church and State to the fore.


It is a very challenging script for an actor, and I am very grateful to the cast and to Jo Dobbs, the producer and all the production team for the efforts and contributions they have made to this production. All of them have approached the script with imagination and enthusiasm.


We feel very privileged to be performing in three of the most beautiful Churches in the area and thank the Priests and Churchwardens for their help in allowing us to bring a special ambience to the performance.


Philip Bosworth


St Peter & St Paul



St Mary Magdalene



St Mary & St Nicolas



Directed by Philip Bosworth
Produced by Jo Dobbs

Paul Coleman

Ollie Johnson

Arline Evenden

Jonathon Tibbs
Troy Melvin
Gemma Page
Tom Millard
Jed Laxton
Nick Fletcher
Tom Millard
Rob Callaby
Sam Gilbert
Martin Tyrrell
Lucy Allan
Angela Davis
Jacqueline Kemp
Win Tibbs
Gemma Page
Janet Staples
Marilyn Morris
First Priest
Second Priest  
Third Priest
Thomas Becket
First Tempter
Second Tempter
Third Tempter
Fourth Tempter
First Knight
Second Knight
Third Kight 
Fourth Knight
The Women 
Stage Manager  
Set Construction
Costume & Styling
Sound & Lights

Arline Evenden

Steve Underwood
John Wright
Arline Evenden
Angela Davis
Paula Tunnard Andrea Webber
Ellie Webber
Steve Underwood
Tom Millard
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