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'Disposing of the Body'    

'Ladies Day' 

Thur 12th - Sat 14th March 2009

South Holland Centre, Spalding

... particularly                       poignant ...

Note from the Director ...



When I read 'Ladies Day' I laughed out loud. It has to be an exceptional script to make me do that. This is a well written, very funny, yet, in places, poignant play. It has been a pleasure to rehearse and see it come together, with a talented and hardworking cast and production team headed by producer Jo Dobbs.


My thanks to all those people involved who have contributed their work and ideas to the show, and thank you to all of you for coming to Ladies' Day.


Philip Bosworth



St Nics took this production of Ladies Day to the Skegness Playgoers Play Festival a few weeks later where we won the coveted Supreme Comedy Moment award 2009. 


To find out more about the Festival take a look at Skegness Playgoers website.


Skegness Playgoers

Annual Play Festival 2009



Many thanks also to the wonderful groups of fabulous ladies who attended Friday night's performance (Dress-Up night) and who took part in the 'Best Dressed Group' competition.



Best Dressed




Congratulations to the winning group, the Donnington Fillies.


Directed by Philip Bosworth 
Produced by Jo Dobbs 

Arline Evenden

Cathy Mellor

Jackie Stone

Samantha Hunt
Nick Fletcher
Peter Breach
Troy Melvin
Karl Gernert
Joe / Kevin
Patrick / Fred
Stage Manager
Deputy S.M.
Set Construction
Make Up 
Stage Crew
Lighting & Sound

Arline Evenden

Sarah Ekins
Heather Dickinson
Arline Evenden
Nigel Hancocks
Philip Bosworth
Angela Davis
Andy Donley
Gina Edwards
Heather Dickinson
Janet Staples
Mick Gray
Fiona Gray
Gill Adlard
Wendy Carter
Jacqueline Kemp
Simon Stone
Angela Davis
Hannah Gray
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