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'Disposing of the Body'    

'Blood Brothers'

Wed 19th - Sat 22nd Oct 2011

South Holland Centre, Spalding

... strong and    

        convincing ...

Note from the Director ...


Firstly I would like to thank the cast and crew for helping to produce such a fantastic show. I have been with St Nics for 4 years and have enjoyed every minute. To stage such a well known play has been difficult but very rewarding. It was made much easier by having such an experienced cast.


I have been performing since the age of 3 and took part in the opening of the Millennium Dome (now known as the O2). I have choreographed many shows and run Trapdoor Theatre Academy with Tom Millard. I have been teaching dance and drama for many years and I am currently the Dance and Drama facilitator at the Thomas Cowley High School. I hope you enjoy the show


Gemma Page, Director

Directed by Gemma Page
Produced by Tom Millard
Mrs Johnston   
Mrs Lyons  
Milkman / Doctor
Kid 1
Kid 2
Kid 3
Kid 4
Kid 5

Mark Spelman

Rob Callaby
Emma Dobbs
Amber Sinclair
Nick Fletcher
Lucy Allen
Paul Gilbert
Jed Laxton
Joanna Hobbs
Heather Jefferies
Jessica Smith
Alicia Tibbs
Flora Wheeler
Troy Melvin
Angela Davis
Assistant Producer
Stage Manager
Deputy S.M.   
Set Design &
Musical Arrangement 
Lighting Op
Sound OP
Stage Crew

Trixie Bennett

Arline Evenden
Trixie Bennett
Claire Hearth
Steve Underwood
Arline Evenden
Tom Millard
Troy Melvin
Angela Davis
Tom Millard
Philip Bosworth
Tom Millard
Heather Dickinson
Joe Millard
Mark Hancocks
Steve Jackson
Martin Smith
Jordan Richardson
Steve Underwood
Kyle Davis
Gill Adlard
Janet Staples
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