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'Disposing of the Body'    

'Allo Allo' (2012)

Wed 21st - Sat 24th March 2012

South Holland Centre, Spalding

... undoubtedly

          a treat ...

Note from the Director ...



'Allo'Allo ran on television for far longer than the original programmers planned. Why would that be? For me, the answer lies in our need to have a good laugh, and this 'send up' of a serious war drama provided many. Amazingly, 'Allo'Allo ran for ten years - there were nine series comprising of 85 episodes in total - and a staggering seventeen million of us tuned in every week at it's peak! While we cannot downplay the awful tragedy of war, we can appreciate those immersed in the everyday life of such an existence and realise that they too needed to find humour.


Every stage production is a supreme team effort. 'Allo'Allo is a complex piece to stage given the number of set areas (and we even cut those down!) and the number of props and costumes required. I have been fortunate to have an amazingly talented and patient team - from the large cast to those co-ordinating props and wardrobe, constructing sets, the sound and lighting crew to the production and publicity team. I especially want to mention Angela Davis and Trixie Bennett, my producers, because without their help none of this would have been possible.


Rob Nicholls, Director

Directed by Rob Nicholls
Produced by Angela Davis
Airman / Soldier
Soldier / Peasant
Peasants / Resistance 

Troy Melvin

Arline Evenden

Joanna Hobbs
Emma Dobbs
Amber Sinclair
George Ogden
Kevin Palmer
Nick Fletcher
Rob Callaby
Paul Coleman
Lucy Allen
Mark Spelman
Paul Gilbert
Kyle Davis
Alex Wright
Dan Zampoli
Kay Wood
Julie Jones
Gill Adlard
Mick Oliver
Assistant Producer
Stage Manager  
Deputy S.M.  
Costumes & Props 
Additional Costume
Set Design
Set Builders 
Make Up
Voice Coach
Stage Crew
Sound / Lighting 

Trixie Bennett

Steve Underwood

Claire Hearth
Trixie Bennett
Julie Jones
Arline Evenden
Steve Underwood
Arline Evenden
Steve Underwood
Mick Gray
Fiona Gray
James Hoare
Mick Oliver
Andy Donley
Natasha Evans
Lucy Allen
Kay Wood
Philip Bosworth
Steve Underwood
Mick Gray
Fiona Gray
Mark Hancocks
Martin Smith
Jordan Richardson
Heather Dickinson
Tom Chamberlain
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