Music Hall 

Our next Music Hall will be

Saturday 14th Sept 2pm 

and Sunday 15th Sept 2pm

at Baytree Theatre.

Baytree Garden Centre Weston, Spalding, Lincolnshire

Tickets £8 01406 373301 to include refreshments

Our Music Hall Department is run by Jules Jones and Anne Temple who put songs from the late 1800s and early 1900s together to create a colourful, bright and joyful evening of Music Hall entertainment.  Many songs we sing are almost forgotten, yet remain relevant to audiences today.  The Music Hall songs were often written around the events of real-life including politics of the day, types of food the Victorians ate, love and marriage, life and death and everything in between.  Music Hall audiences couldn't afford a newspaper, indeed maybe couldn't read, so they went to the Halls to hear songs about the famous people and social events of the day. Some celebrities and big names of the Halls you may have heard of, Marie Lloyd, Vesta Tilley, Harry Champion and perhaps Little Titch. But there were many acts now only known from the playbills or those memories passed down the generations

We are often asked about how much commitment might be required.  Like any performance practice makes perfect. So we will be rehearsing twice a week, to begin with, so that our main show (June or July 2019) of 2 evening performances as our main fundraiser can be created and perfected.  Then usually we keep rehearsing once a week to keep ourselves sharp for the rest of the year. We are often asked to take Music Hall to other groups or events.  This is approximately once a month at different times, days and locations around the area when booked.  Usually, we do about an hours entertainment taking acts and scenas from the full evening show. Not everyone can make every performance, so you may not be required for all rehearsals. It's also a chance to spread the joy of Music Hall, taking live, bright, colourful entertainment to those who can't get to theatres very often. In the past, we have entertained in schools, care homes, day centres, theatres and put shows on for other groups to enable them to raise funds too.

What sort of acts are we looking for?  We are always looking for solo artists to learn a song and get behind the character and put the song across in the Music Hall style.  Plenty of help will be given to enable you to make the best of your skills and of course, a costume will be created for you.  If you would rather not go solo we have the chorus numbers which in Music Hall were called scenas, a collection of songs that might tell a story or are on a similar theme or that celebrate a particular artist.  You will be required to sing and do movements (no, not actually dance) to the songs, again in the Victorian style. In addition, we would like speciality acts, dancers, acrobats, magicians.  Can you tell a joke or perform a monologue?  Then on top of that, we'd like to talk to you if you are interested in creating costumes, props or playing an instrument to accompany the performance.  We are particularly looking for a drummer.  If you are at all interested them join us to find out more at The Patch Wednesdays until September.

Outside performances 2019 

2018 saw St Nicolas Players Music Hall perform at a variety of venues around the local area.  A great entertainment experience.  Our audiences sang along to songs of yesteryear, marvelled at the bright costumes and tapped along to the catchy tunes.

If you would like to join the Music Hall, hire us to perform or find out where we are performing contact us by telephone, email or fill in the form on our 'contact us' page.

June 29th 2019

7.30pm at Moulton Village Community Hall in aid of Alzheimer Society, again on Sunday 30th June as a matinee 2pm.

Baytree Theatre 2pm

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September

Tonic Health Memory Group 2nd October 2019

Brun Lea Care Home Pinchbeck

27th June and 27th November 2019