Darling Buds Director Reflection

Well its all over and the post performance blues have kicked in. It seems so strange not meeting up with the cast and crew at The South Holland Centre to perform The Darling Buds Of May. We wait now for the reviews and photo's which are all that will remain of the culmination of hard work, dedication and shear determination of St Nicolas Players members.

Its not completely over though. There is still the budget to ratify, the costumes to wash and return to The Patch. The set was struck and returned to The Patch at midnight on Saturday but still more work is needed to break it down and put all the pieces away. Two big crates of props need washing and putting away. Not to mention returning all the borrowed items which are at least 3 car loads.

Then before we know it we will be looking forward to the next production, which is actually already being rehearsed. One last thing to look forward to,

Rehearsals were great fun

the after show party which will be on Saturday. A meal out and 'post-mortem' as we digest the highs and lows of the whole thing. Right now I can't think of how we could have improved the performances. The set was magnificent, the actors themselves, well there wasn't a weak link anywhere. The numbers on the audience over the 4 nights was more than I could have hoped for, culminating in a sell out (almost) on Saturday night. We had no major hiccups or off stage drama and everyone got on really well.

Thank you all involved.

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