The final blog post ...

Hi guys, I just thought I would find time to do one final blog before our final approach to the South Holland Centre. I’ve got to say since I last put a blog on a million and one things have happened. Have you seen our amazing banner outside the Johnson hospital? You can see it a mile away it that big lol. Also as you go down the Cressent have you seen our window display? Thank you so much Jules Jones and Lucy Evenden for finding the time to make the shop window display. Also keep your eyes open for our newspaper articles coming your way on Thursday.

Since I last spoke to you guys the cast have been working so hard to make sure the show is ready and to do this we have been putting in a lot of extra hours. We did a full day rehearsal last Sunday to iron out any small problems and to also work on a trick part of the show during closed for renovations. We ended the day with a full run though. I was, and I’m not ashamed to say it, an emotional wreck by the end of it. I was expecting to be writing down pages and pages of notes but the whole cast just blew me away. The sound was amazing, the acting was great and it just clicked in for everyone. If they perform for you guys like they did on Sunday you are going to be breathless by the end of it that I can promise you.

Tuesday night was myself and the cast’s first chance the work with the band. The band was missing four instruments but you wouldn’t of know it and, considering it was the first time the band had got together, it was truly amazing. Well-done Karl for have some amazing musicians at your disposal and well done cast. I know how hard it can be going from working with a backing track to working with a live band.

On the whole every department is now working flat out to get this show ready for the South Holland Centre’s opening night next Wednesday. Set is finishing off, all props are now in place, costumes are just about there and programmes are at the printer. It’s all getting very real now, but my biggest excitement is we get pick up the centre piece to the show. Yes that right, the plant will be here on Friday!!! This is when the real hard work starts for Joe the puppeteer but I know he’s up for the challenge. I feel truly honoured to have been working alongside so many talented people.

If you’re in the town centre Saturday afternoon do keep your eye open for us handing flyers out and who knows we may have one or two more treats instore for you.

For the last time on this show at least I would like to say see you around, goodbye are always to final. And remember no matter what you do, no matter how much he asks, DON’T FEED THE PLANT!!!!!!!!!

Rob Nicholls


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