The cast is getting fitter

So what can I tell you about this week’s rehearsals? Well after a weeks break dance was back up and running and, although we was still missing a couple of Ronnettes, we still soldiered on regardless. We started off as we always do on a Thursday with our core warm up. By the time Abbie has put them through their paces they all need a small break. It makes me sweat and I’m not even doing the warm up. Seriously though it’s great for all of their fitness. Once everyone was suitably warmed up we moved on to finishing the dentist song. I think the dance looks great. I know Abbie had her doubts about what I was asking her to do with this number but trust me it’s perfect with the style of our version of the show. Well done Abbie you are definitely working your magic on this show.

Sunday’s rehearsal I almost cancelled due to so many cast member being on their summer breaks. Over half of the cast were away and we only had three principals to work with. I decided to carry on regardless. Amber made her return after her summer break which was great as that meant I could block all scenes involving the three principals we had and Amber could do some singing with the rest of the cast. On the whole I feel we are running slightly behind where I wanted to be by this stage but I know my very talented cast can make up the lost time over the next few weeks

Oh and one last thing, if you haven’t yet seen we are now in the South Holland Centre what’s on book. And tickets are now on sale!!!! So get booking!!! But if you are an on-line booker you will not be able to get your tickets online until the end of the week.

Thank you all for keep coming back to read what goes on in Little Shop. Don’t forget to come back next week where we will do it all again


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