Goodbye Anj

Hi all and he we all are once again, another week has just flown by in a blink of an eye. Normally I do not like to start these blogs with bad news but feel I should let everyone my thoughts. Remember last week I mentioned about Anj having complications with her shoulder operation? Well unfortunately it not showing any signs of getting better so Anj has decided that it would be best for her recovery to stand down as producer of the show. I would just like to say that Anj you are an amazing woman and a great right had man and I’m really sad to see you go but I know your health has to come first. I wish you a speedy recovery and please make sure you come and see us all soon Anj.

Right here we go. I cancelled the Dance rehearsal this week due to four of the Ronnettes being away on their summer breaks so I decided to do two lib rehearsals. We achieved so much this week as we have completely blocked all of act one and we have also set the hardest scene in act 2. So on the whole I’m very pleased with the progress we are making. As you’re all aware by now Orin Scrivello will be played by two different actors Paul and Nick. The real interesting thing was watching the two actors come up with two different styles of characters. They both have the same movement to help the other actors and continuity but that’s where it ends. I would almost say you need to come and see the show twice just to see the two different version’s hehehe but if you only come and see it once it will be ok because which ever Orin you see your going to love it (I Hope).

It not just on stage we have been working hard, we have also been working hard off stage to. We held a meeting with Liz Powers who is going to oversee the costume side of things. But I got to say we will have a big team of seamstress on this so as there one or two surprise’s that the girls are working really hard on to bring it to the stage. I will say no more on this one as my lips are sealed. We have also made a start on set so all areas are on the move.

Right I’m going to love you and leave you, see you all next time.


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