Rehearsals are going well

Hi guys, here we are again and it’s week number six! Can I start off by sending best wishes to Anj. One half of the production team has been put on the shelf due to an infection from her shoulder op 3 weeks ago. I just want to say I hope you make a full recovery soon as we are all missing you.

Right on to this week’s shenanigans. Thursday night saw the third week of dance rehearsals and this week we brought in the female chorus as well. Like I said to you in previous weeks, I find it amazing how quickly the girls pick up the dance. We have now completed two dances and started work on the dentist dance. This dance I’m really looking forward to you all seeing. I’m not going to tell you too much about it as I do not wish to spoil the surprise. Let’s just say when I asked Abbie to come up with this dance she didn’t think it would ever work but, guess what, by the end of the rehearsal she thought it was great. As I said I’m really happy with how the dances are shaping up but what does concern me a little is singing and dancing at the same time. So Abbie is coming up with a workout plan to combat this problem.

Sunday saw another really good rehearsal but, as it’s now the school holidays, it’s the start of lots of people missing weeks. At the start of the rehearsal poor old Rebecca came in to the shed holding her right shoulder. She only went and dislocated her shoulder! What a superstar still coming to rehearsals. I took the principal actors and Amber took the rest of the cast into the green room to carry on singing which, I’ve got to say, the bit I heard sounded amazing. I’m also very pleased with the progress we made in in the blocking. We have nearly blocked half of the show in two weeks.

Right I’m going to leave you all now as I don’t want to bore you and the final of child genus is about to start lol. See you all next time.


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