We've started the acting

Hi guys, sorry for the delay in posting my blog this week. I’ve been so busy. So, what has been happening this week in the world of ‘Little Shop’ I hear you ask? Well this week I had my first meeting with Set Construction & the Stage Manager which was great. I really love the set part of the process but I don’t know what it is about it. I guess once you start to see your vision slowly coming together, it makes it feel more real.

This week we had a birthday in the cast (though she forgot to bring the cake lol) so can I say a massive happy birthday to Sophie. I hope you had an amazing day.

So onto Thursday’s dance night. This week we worked with the Ronettes and Seymour though unfortunately we were two girls down so progress was a little slow. Mo was asked to sing at her final school concert and we all know she would have knocked everyone’s socks off! The second person was at rehearsal but couldn’t dance as she had had a bad fall whilst out running with her dog. I hope you have a speedy recover Jules (sorry about the bad joke there). I want to say I’m in awe on how quick you girls pick things up. Keep going like we are and we will be able to do a full run through by the middle of August lol.

Right, onto Sunday’s rehearsal and finally, after 5 weeks of singing and 2 of dancing, we got to do some acting! This is the bit I really love where I get to start bringing the show together. The cast were flying. We managed to block 21 pages of script and we did it all without a Seymour which is amazing considering he’s in 90% of the show. But when there’s an up, there must be a down and I have some very sad news. When we were blocking, I was demonstrating a fall when I hit the floor. I broke a link on my very expensive watch that my partner bought me for my birthday. I was so mortified I could have cried. I thought I would share this sad news with you but don’t panic, I have a spare link so all is not lost.

On that bombshell I’m going to love you and leave you. Take care all and I will see you all next time.


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