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Hi Guys, I can’t believe how quick the weeks are flying by. This is my fourth blog already! So as I said last week we had another public showing, this week we was at Weston Hills. I’ve got to say I think it didn’t go as well as the week before but I believe that was a combination of a lot of different elements. For a start we was two Ronnettes short which changed the tone as the girls are so used to working in a group of six. I also think the sound system did not help as none of the mics where balanced and the sound was very tinny. But on the whole I think the cast pulled together and did a good show. We also got an opportunity to hand out some of our flyers which is amazing as we’ve never had flyers this early in the process before. We will be doing more public showing over the next couple of months so make sure you come back to find out when and where.

Onto rehearsals and this week saw the start of our dance rehearsals. First up where the six Ronnettes and Abbie put them all though there paces as they did a two hour intensive dance session. I must say even though the girls was very tired by the end of it their enthusiasm and hard work really payed off, for a first dance rehearsal you would think they have been putting it together for weeks. Well done Abbie, if all the dances look as good as this one I know the audience are going to be in for a real treat. Also a big thank you to the girls for working so hard to get the dance learnt so quickly. Now all we have to do is work on fitness as we all know dancing and singing is no easy task.

Sunday, I’ve got to say, was a very good eye opener. The cast we have put together are a super talented group and all are very professional. When I started this show and decided to go with Amber as a vocal coach as well as a being a member of the cast I knew it would be no easy task. She has done an amazing job with the cast this far but it did dawn on me that teaching the music and singing to a backing track was not going to work. This is because a lot of the songs have speaking parts and some of the backing tracks are too fast etc. etc. I know if I had an MD this wouldn’t have been a problem as I would have had someone to play live with them. So because of this I decided to take action and found someone who is willing to play for us at rehearsals. Thank you so much Dorota Szachniewicz for agreeing to play for us.

So there you go you have heard my thoughts for another weeks. Check in next week to see how things have gone.

Rob Nicholls

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