Take a look at our fantastic poster

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Well another week has flown by in the world of ‘Little Shop’. Not only have we done our first public performance, we have also unveiled our poster too!! I’ve got to say a massive thank you to Sophie for all her amazing art work but I also need to thank Alison and Carl for putting up with all my changes to the final edit of the poster. I know you guys spent many hours tweaking it. Saying that I think the final image is amazing and I hope you will all agree with me.

So did you all come and see our first public performance? If not why not? Oh I know what might of put you off, I bet it was our slot time. I can understand that it was early doors. But, do not fear, why not come and see us this week at Weston Hill fete? It’s late afternoon so you don’t have to be up early and you get to hear some of the cast and how good they’ve become in just six rehearsals. I’ve got to say I’m so proud of the cast as they sounded amazing.

On Sat we did three songs from the show and two from other musicals. First up were the six Ronnettes. All their harmonies where on point and their blending was amazing. Then it was the Rebecca’s turn to grace the stage singing ‘Somewhere That’s Green’. Rebecca you were outstanding, you were so good you gave me Goosebumps and made two other cast members cry (in a good way of course). Then we had a duet from Mo and Emma and you’d never have of known they only sang through that together that morning. Then we can’t forget about Amber who powered her way throw Frozen. We finished the set off with half the cast singing Skid row. I can’t really comment on this as I was in it. I was filling in for Rob Callaby’s part and man that brought a lot of memories back I can tell you (but it did feel good but ssshhh don’t tell anyone, hehehe)

Sunday rehearsal saw us tackle the biggest number in the show and, even though we were six cast members down, I think we did a really good job. The harmony lines in the finale are very challenging even for the more experienced singers. But well done everyone. We have worked through every song in the show and now the real fun begins as this week we introduce the dance element to the show. But I will tell you all about that next time …

So don’t forget to come and see us Saturday if you’re at a loose end. Right I’m of to watch some telly now so don’t forget to tune in again next week

Bye for now, Rob

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