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Hello guys and welcome back to all you regular readers. Well it’s been another exciting week in the world of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ but before I tell you all about that I’m going to tell you some very exciting news! We may have only been rehearsing for three week but I have decided to unleash my very talented cast on the public. That’s right folks, if you want to see how good the cast are already then you need to come along to the Grammar School fete this Saturday the 4th July. We will be preforming three songs from the show and two other songs to give us a 20 minuet slot. We will be hitting the stage at 11.15am and if you’re unable to make that then why not come along and visit us the following weekend at Weston Hills fete. Our show slot there is at 3pm. So two great opportunity to come and check us out.

Right onto last week’s rehearsals, once again it been a very busy and very productive week. We may be missing our two leads, Rob and Rebecca due to honeymoon and holiday (not together of course as that would be taking the roll far too seriously). We still soldiered on with one of the biggest numbers in the show called ‘Skid Row’. This is not an easy song for the cast as it breaks down into a four part harmony but I must say by the time Amber had finished with them they sounded great. I can’t wait to layer Rebecca and Rob over the top and that song will push you all back in your seats with the amazing sound. Sunday rehearsal was much quieter as serval members of our cast were in the other St Nic’s production ‘A Night At The Music Hall’. We only had three cast members in Mushnik and the two Orin’s aka Paul, Nick and Paul. I’ve got to say Pauls Coleman’s singing in ‘Mushnik and Son’ is great. His voice is very natural to the Jewish tone he needs in the song. Well done team L,S,H if we keep going the way we are this is going to be one of the finest shows to be seen at the SHC. But don’t just take my word for it come along and see it for yourself in October.

Right guys I’m going to sign off for another week. Come back and see what we have been up to next week. Oh and if you can don’t forget to pop along and see us ether this Saturday or next.

Rob Nicholls

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