Amber's really bringing out the best in everyone

Hi guys, I’m back from sunning myself on my summer holidays and this week I’ve got my trusty sidekick and Producer, Anj, to keep you all posted on what they’ve been up to while I was away. Before you read her thoughts on last week’s rehearsals, I would like to say massive congratulations from myself and rest of the cast to Rob who’s just got married. I wish you and Mrs Callaby all the happiness in the world. Right I’ve said my bit so I’ll hand you over to Anj …

Sunday 16th June - It was a very quiet rehearsal today (relatively speaking), as we only had Rob, Paul and Rebecca. It was a slightly shaky start with lots of mumbling and grimacing as everyone was getting to grips with learning Closed For Renovations and Call Back In The Morning. However, they soon came on in leaps and bounds with plenty of encouragement from Amber. Amber was brilliant at coaxing out their strengths and soon had everyone singing with more confidence. Well done everyone. The greenroom was also busy with Allie, Anne, Heather and Anj thrashing out costume ideas and making drinks for anyone who wanted one.

Thursday 18th June - Tonight we had a fairly full house with the Ronettes, Mushnik and Seymour. The evening started with some lovely harmonising and getting to grips with Da Doo and Ya Never Know. Lots of stops and starts and plenty of light hearted teasing and friendly banter throughout. There is a fantastic camaraderie within the cast which comes through even in the singing. Hopefully this will be felt by our audience in show week as they won't be able to help themselves getting caught up in the feel good factor given off by the cast. Everyone really came to life singing along to the soundtrack of Ya Never Know, followed by a full sing through of Da Doo. Wow guys you really nailed it. The Ronettes then ran through Little Shop of Horrors which was full of gusto and finished up with some Feed Me. A very productive rehearsal, thanks to Amber of course.

That’s all for this week, make sure you tune into to next week’s blog when it will be all my thoughts again. Oh and next week, if you really can’t wait to see us in October, I’m going to be telling you about a sneaky preview date to come and hear how great the cast will sound.

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