Race Nights

Next race night - Friday 29th May, 7pm

Surfleet Village Hall

Come along and join the fun at a 'Race Night' - we show screenings of live races (mostly horses, but can be pigs - or other animals).

The evening includes a Fish (or Sausage) & Chip supper and there will be a licensed bar.

If you 'buy' a horse you can be involved without even being there! Horses cost £5 and owners of those winning the race win £15.


Doors open 7pm - 1st race starts at 7.15pm

Tickets £7.50 (or £10 to include admission AND ownership of 1 horse).

How does it work?

You bet before each film is shown on which horse you think will win.


Bets are 50p each and you can place as few or as many as you ...like. There are only 8 participators in each race, so there's always a 1 in 8 chance of winning!


There are 9 races over the course of the evening


If the horse you choose wins you may get back anything from 50p through to maybe £2 - depending on how many people had bet on that horse on that race.


If you have 'bought' a horse before the evening and it wins the race you win £15.