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South Holland Centre. Spalding
March 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th 2024

Mother Goose
by Kei Bailey

Mother Goose

‘A delightfully funny family-friendly pantomime for Easter 2024.

We are delighted to bring this to the Spalding stage March 2024


Wednesday 23rd 7.30pm

Thursday 28th 7.30pm

Friday 29th 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Saturday 30th 2.30pm and 7.30pm

More details will follow

Director - Jules Jones 

Producer - Joanna Hobbs

Mother Goose (Gloria), The Dame

Kei Bailey

Rose, her daughter

Melissa Roberts

Buddy, her son

Adam Patman

Priscilla, their pet goose

Edward Griggs

Professor Whimsey, an inventor

& neighbour to the Gooses

Kelly Taylor

Squire Skinflint (Clarence),

Mother Goose’s landlord

David O'Brian

Colin, his son

Dominique Spinks

Malcolm Powder, a bailiff

Geran Jackson

Bert Toast, his assistant

Renea Sanderson


Fairy Collywobbles, a good fairy

Emma Gilbert

Lord Malignum, the Demon King

Glen Barker


Hilda Bunting, chairperson of the WI 

Colette Buchanan-Gray

Mavis Doyley, the secretary of the WI

Linda Smith

Miss Prim, an outspoken member of the WI

Bev Moore

Miss Proper, her equally outspoken friend

Stella Turner


Spirit of the Pool

Wendy Carter


Queen Goosequill,

Queen of Gooseland 

Mandie Collier

Goosepimple, her Lord Chamberlain

Arline Evenden

Stage Manager

Arline Evenden


 David Whipps

Musical Director

Colette Buchanan-Gray


Renea Sanderson

Costume Co-ordinator

Janet Staples

Lighting Control - 

Backstage Crew - 

Janet Staples, Gemma Burton, Gill Adlard

Stage props - Nigel Hancocks


Front Of House - Nigel Hancocks

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